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Artistry Essentials Review

Hey Everyone! I'm super excited to be writing up a review for this product line... I was given this set by a friend who asked me to test it out and write a review on it...  If you haven't heard of this brand before... its one of the top 10 in cosmetics and top 5 in skin care.. They are also known for Miss America pageant make up... So of course once I heard a chance to receive these products and try them out I was super ecstatic but this review will be divided into two parts.. My very first impression and my ongoing impression of this set... Lets start off with when i first opened it... When I got it it was in a nice black box, it wasn't exactly as how fancy some of the cosmetics from sephora are like eg. urban decay or benefit but It didn't matter to me... it was all to see the products more than anything..
Inside it came with:
- A travel make up bag (that's pretty good quality not like you know those typical mesh ones)
- A concealer (in a nice slick black compact)
- A mineral foundation (it kinda just looked like any typical loose mineral foundation to me)
- A powder brush (I didn't really fancy the brush thought it was coarse for me to use)
- A colour Quad ( originally I thought it was all eyeshadows but later found out that only two were eyeshadows, one was a blush and one was a powder eyeliner)
- A lip gloss (Wasn't too shimmery but there was a slight stickiness to them... but it was a nice neutral shade)
- A eyeliner brush ( This was just like any typical flat top eyeliner brush... I prefer my angled ones a bit more)
- A mascara ( I didn't fancy the mascara so much... I didn't get the volume and lengthening I was hoping for and it had an odd scent to it)
Now time for the on going usage review :)
As usual to my normal make up routine I applied a bit of my Sephora ultra smoothing primer to get the application nice and smooth... And took up the concealer to try first... Using just any concealer brush I noticed how creamy the consistency was... Which reminded me just a bit of my current favorite concealer from Dalton but in a more travel size... and of course being as creamy and light as it is, you could tell it was a light to medium coverage but definitely buildable... So trying out the concealer I noticed it covered all my redness quite well but after I used my finger to blend it out i decided to apply a bit more to ensure it stays covered.. But I did notice it doesn't hide blemishes, or if you have any peeling of the skin.. But it does Hide acne scars really well without feeling like theres a lot of gunk on your face.. I didn't like it for my under eye though... it just seemed a bit too light for coverage where i needed it the most.. Next I used the mineral foundation to set it... Since I thought the artistry brush was too coarse for my skin.. I just took up any of fluffy face brushes to use..  Of course you just tip your brush in the powder and tap off the excess.. to help set everything and give you a even toned complexion... after completing that I took the colour Quad which has 2 eyeshadows (a light shade and a medium shade) Seeing that it was made to be a one shade over your lid colour I took the medium which was a nice shimmery shade with a pinkish undertone.. and the light ivory shade to use as a highlight under my brows :) I was kinda disappointed on how sheer the ivory shade was though so i just applied a second sweep of that for my highlight then taking up the flat eyeliner brush to use the light brown as a eyeliner shade... i noticed it was really light with again a pinkish undertone... But I heard it could be used with a wet brush came out with a very light shade which is quite rare for me since i tend to go for my black eyeliner... Using my fluffy brush I dipped in the blush which was a light pink shade..... It did give a natural glow to the face.. once I was satisfied with the look... I took up the mascara... which had such an odd scent... but I was disappointed that It didn't give me enough volume or lengthening as I would have hoped... I thought my Maybelline one by one did a much better job...  In the end what I realised was that this kit was specially for giving a very natural look... to enhance your natural beauty.. When I asked my family members and my boyfriend what they thought.. They said they didn't see any make up... But there were some products I was still disappointed in..

1) Do you recommend this kit to friends and family?
I would recommend it to beginners in make up and those with less blemishes I have...

2) What are your favorite products in this kit?
I like the concealer, the mineral foundation, lip gloss and the travel bag

3) Would you repurchase this kit?
Not necessarily if I liked the product to that extent I would purchase the full size rather than a kit

4) If you could recommend a few things to put in this kit what would it be?
A facial primer , eye primer and a liquid or gel eyeliner

5) Would you use this on a everyday basis?
I don't really wear make up on a day to day basis but I would wear it on those days where I don't feel that I need complete full coverage

6) Where did you hear of the brand?
A friend recommended it to me because she likes her kit alot

7) Did Artistry pay you to do this review?
No... A friend gave me the kit and asked to do an honest review.. which I did :)

Swatches with Flash
Swatches without Flash 
8) Where can I order it?
I received it from :
Check it out and place your orders here ^_^

Colour Quad (L - R)
- Belgian Lace
- Unspoiled
- Rosewood (blush)
- Cocoa (eyeliner)

Top of hand is the swatch of the lip gloss (Golden Blush)

Bottom Swatch is the Concealer in Light

I will post the link to my youtube Video where I do a review, Swatches and Demo of this kit ^_^

Click here: Artistry Youtube Review, Swatch and Demo

My after result
 Hope you guys like my review :) You can click the link to watch me doing Demos and Swatches :)

Livy C


  1. Like this review and how you mentioned this might be perfect for first time users like myself. Will recommend anyone interested to check out your review. Thanks Livy C!